Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Way

The Way

I stand and look about me,
On this Thanksgiving Eve day.
As the mass of human flesh walk by,
I listen to what they have to say.

“Did we buy the turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie?”
"Yes, Mom," the child says, as he texts, then sighs.”

I turn and hear a husband say to his wife;
“It’s seems we have everything; oh wait, we forgot the rice.”

The chatter in the air is about the food for a day of giving thanks.
I sigh a bit and wonder to myself,
“On this festive day where does God rank?”

My thoughts are broken and solidified by a couple walking by.
They are seniors well beyond my age.
With smiles upon their face they say;
“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.”
“A day to give thanks for what God bestowed on man,
A sacrifice so great; on that day, our life began.”

So give thanks with a grateful heart,
And put a smile upon your face.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; a day to give thanks for His grace.
For on the cross, He laid down His life, for the entire human race.

So while stuffing yourself with turkey, potato salad and a slice of pie or two.
Take time to give thanks for the sacrifice God made for me and you.

By Carl M. Namahoe
November 21, 2012