Monday, March 26, 2012

A time to remember

By Carl M. Namahoe

The drive home was filled with the thoughts of the day and the wonderful time spent with friends. But through it all, his mind drifted to times when he and his wife enjoyed moments like these together. He began to tear up and would give anything just to hold her one more time. She passed a week after celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary.

He turned onto the driveway of the house they had shared for the past 37 years, driving pass the “SOLD” sign posted on their front lawn. He parked the car in the garage and went into the house that was once filled with her laughter and her singing. But now it seemed like all the life was gone.
She’s been gone for a year now and everything in the house was just the way it was when she died. He couldn’t bring himself to move anything…the pain was too great.
For you see, they had known each other since kindergarten and one day on the play ground she told him “Homer, I’m going to marry you one day!” The memory of that time brought tears to his eyes and he began to weep.

He recalled the day she died, and as he held her hand for the last time he screamed his displeasure to God. There before him lay the lifeless body of the woman God had given to him and now she was gone, separated from him and the pain was overwhelming.

Through his tirade at God, he began to reflect about God and His Son and their separation. While still holding his wife’s hand, he fell to his knees and asks God to forgive him.
He began to compare his love for his wife to that of God’s love for His Son and wondered if God suffered the same pain that he did.

The early morning Sun light woke him, as he had once again fallen asleep in his favorite chair. He looked around the room at all the boxes of memories that were soon to be loaded on the moving truck, destined for Turnberry. He had promise his wife that he would sell the house and move closer to their children and grandchildren…and today was moving day.

The moving truck had been gone nearly an hour and he’d left his key to the house on the kitchen counter. He’d spent the last hour remembering the day they moved in, and now he is moving on…without her. As tears rolls down his cheeks he can feel her hand in his as if to say…it’s okay.

He starts his truck and takes one last look at “A Time to Remember” and drives away.


By Carl M. Namahoe

The drive home had been long and boring, passing the same old land marks that they had seen for years. The sun had just begun to set and both, Jon and Jill, were hungry and tired from a long day at the office.  Their conversation was built up around work and the long awaited arrival of Jill’s father who was returning to the Turnberry Family Farm.
Jill, was the third child of seven born to Homer and Sally Donovan. She and her family along with all of her siblings lived and worked on the 5000 acre farm.
Her mother Sally was born Elizabeth Sally Turnberry, the fourth child of James and Elizabeth Turnberry. Sally passed away a little over a year ago and Homer brought her back to be laid to rest in the Turnberry Cemetery located about a half mile from the Farm.

For months now, the family had been working on their parent’s old two bedroom house that Homer and Sally moved into when they were married, over 57 years ago.
Each child and grandchild had lovingly, cleaned, painted and prepared the house for the return of their father and grandfather.

Jill’s thoughts were broken as Jon began to speak about the upcoming “Harvest Festival and Dance.” They, like the rest of the small farming population in Turnberry, look forward to the harvest celebration.
 It was a time to show their wares and display their individual talents, from cooking, to singing, dancing, the rodeo competition and many more. The festival started on Friday and ended on Sunday evening…and everyone stayed till the end.

They continued their drive home and turned onto “Turnberry Road,” and a short time later, the engine warning light came on, and a few seconds later the truck gave two jerks and rolled to a stop just short of the “Turnbery Cemetery.” Soon after, the lights went off and they were in total darkness.
Not knowing what happened and too tired to care and realizing that they were only a ten minute walk from their home; they got out and prepared to walk home.

 For many years the locals would tell stories about the legend of the “Turnberry Cemetery” and the sounds that can be heard coming from there. Many reported seeing and hearing things that they could not explain. Most people treated the legend as just that…a folklore fairy tale.

Jon searched the truck for a flash light and found one in the glove box. But soon found that the batteries were dead. They began walking, and fortunately for them the Moon was full and helps light their way. They made small talk to help cover their fears but their minds soon drifts to the “Legend.” 
They could see the cemetery and the silhouettes of the grave stones from where they were. The closer they got, the more the fear within them rose.

Jill was the first to hear it; a low cracking noise that sent chills down her spine and raised her fear, two levels. Jon had not heard the sound but he felt it through Jill’s death grip. Before he could ask her what was wrong…he heard it!

They both looked at each other and ran. But the noise began to get louder and seemed to be approaching them. They could see their house and thought “if we could only reach it…we’ll be safe.”

But just as quickly the thought was erased by the sound, which was nearly upon them. Their hearts were pounding and sweat began to pour down their faces, then something burst from the reeds and both screamed with terror.
Before Jon knew it, Jill had jumped on him wrapping her arms and legs around his waist and head, obscuring his vision and his breathing.

Jon still shaken from the experience, and not knowing what came out of the reeds, was battling to keep his balance with a hysterical screaming wife on his back. Then they both caught a glimpse of what had scared them…it was their cow “Daisy.”

Instantly, fear changed to laughter, and Jill released her death grip around her husband, landed on the ground and they continue their walk home.

The figure in the reeds watched as the man and woman made their way toward the house on the hill. Slowly it turned and went back toward the cemetery.

-to be continued-

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Special One

The day starts off like any other day. I rise early and head to the mine. Along the way I meet my friend, Bert, and we share a breakfast. The air seems a little cooler than normal but it is winter. There’s a lot of traffic today and Bert points out that this is not normal. He mentions that we left our homes at the appointed time and we’ve never encountered this kind of traffic. What’s going on?
I look at him with disgust and say “I don’t know.” You would think that my answer would satisfy him but noooooo, Bert wanted to know why? So off he goes to talk with Sally the local town crier. I continue to the mine where my work awaits me. All the time I’m thinking “Why is there so much traffic?”
Then I hear Bert screaming for me to stop, he has something important to tell me. I keep walking; I don’t have time to listen to any of his silliness. I have work to do and I don’t want to be late. His screaming is getting louder and louder as he rapidly approaches. He catches up to me as I’m about to enter the mine with several other workers. He stops and catches his breath than begins to tell me, in a loud voice, what all the commotion is about. Before long all the other workers stop and begin to listen to what he has to share. The news quickly travels down the mine to the other workers and they hurry to the surface to hear what Bert has to say. The excitement of the news is sending everyone into an out of control frenzy of joy.
Since my birth, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve heard the story of “The Special One.” We were told by our parents who were told by their parents and many generations before them that “The Special One” would come and make things right between God and His creation, known to us as “man.”
The story goes that we were created before man and God gave the” man” the authority to name us. Then something evil happened and that’s why “The Special One” would be sent to fix things. His life would begin in a stable surrounded by animals. He would be visited by the keepers of sheep and some men who would come from a far away land bearing gifts.
For years our kind looked forward for the coming of “The Special One” and now He is here. The crowds of workers have all exited the mines, even the leaders. They all head to the location of “The Special One.”  The excitement of seeing Him is even greater than the news of His arrival and the crowd starts to climb over one another in a mad rush to get to His location.
Bert and I hurry along with the others seeking to find a good vantage point to view Him. I can’t believe that He is here. The story we were told has finally happened and we are in the presence of “The Special One” sent of God. Bert and I climb to a high place located above His bed where we can plainly see His face.
The atmosphere in the place is one of complete joy. Every living creature in the stable is mesmerized by His beauty and perfection. Bert begins to shout with joy and before long the others join in shouting “He is here, the Special One of God is here, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.”
The news that “The special One” has come is now spreading throughout the countryside among our kind. And the shouts of joy can be heard across the land. We are small in stature and our numbers are like the grains of sand. We are God’s creation; created before man…we are the ant.

Author; Carlton Maui Namahoe      
wc 650 December 2009
A gift to my wife; Keala Namahoe

Shelby & Noah

By Carl M. Namahoe wc/472

The door to Dr. Emma Thompson’s clinic slowly opens and Shelby strolls in and goes to the room where Noah is. Stepping inside she sees him on a bed with tubes and wires and a breathing apparatus that was supplying air to his lungs.
 Slowly she approaches her love of twenty years taking in all the sights and sounds. She’d never seen Noah in this position before. He had always been the strong one; the one who commanded attention everywhere he went. People knew when Noah entered the room. People just seem to be drawn to him and it was okay with Shelby as she preferred being a wall flower.
There are others in the room but she pays no mind as she stretches out next to him and lays her head on his chest. His breathing is erratic at best and she notices his heart beat has become slower. She closes her eyes and memories of their first encounter run through her mind. 

It was at the B&L Ranch and they had come over to visit. Noah and his brothers were out playing in the field and he caught a glimpse of Shelby as she stepped from the truck. His heart leaped for joy and as it was his custom; he began showing off. This did not impress Shelby as she turned and followed the rest of the family away from his silliness. Noah would not be denied and ran to meet her but his two older brothers got to her first. He lowered his head in a humble position. This caught Shelby's eye and she beckoned him to walk with her. Noah is hooked.
Their relationship blossomed and developed into a life changing one. They were inseparable and decided to make a life together. It wasn't long before they became parents and the children kept Shelby busy. Noah, likewise, was busy working on the ranch moving the cattle. He was strong and committed to his work and family.

A sudden beep and a flashing red light from the monitor startles Shelby and she raises her head for a second then lowers it back onto Noah’s chest. His breathing is very erratic now, more so then before. And his heart beat has become slower and Shelby knows Noah will be gone soon.
She closes her eyes and drifts off into a memory moment of days gone by. Sometime during the night two hearts beat as one. And finally Noah’s heart stopped as the last grain from the hour glass of life dropped.

In the morning Dr. Emma Thompson,  veterinarian, entered the room and found Noah and Shelby on the bed as they had been the day before. They had both pass during the night. Shelby and Noah committed to each other to the very end.

*More often than not we tend to write love stories or relationship between individuals. I've often experienced the affection from dogs. So I decided to write this story using them as my main characters.   

Monday, March 19, 2012

E komo mai

Aloha everyone!!! I will be posting some stories in the near future. Till then I just want to say, "E komo mai" (welcome).