Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Way

The Way

I stand and look about me,
On this Thanksgiving Eve day.
As the mass of human flesh walk by,
I listen to what they have to say.

“Did we buy the turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie?”
"Yes, Mom," the child says, as he texts, then sighs.”

I turn and hear a husband say to his wife;
“It’s seems we have everything; oh wait, we forgot the rice.”

The chatter in the air is about the food for a day of giving thanks.
I sigh a bit and wonder to myself,
“On this festive day where does God rank?”

My thoughts are broken and solidified by a couple walking by.
They are seniors well beyond my age.
With smiles upon their face they say;
“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.”
“A day to give thanks for what God bestowed on man,
A sacrifice so great; on that day, our life began.”

So give thanks with a grateful heart,
And put a smile upon your face.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; a day to give thanks for His grace.
For on the cross, He laid down His life, for the entire human race.

So while stuffing yourself with turkey, potato salad and a slice of pie or two.
Take time to give thanks for the sacrifice God made for me and you.

By Carl M. Namahoe
November 21, 2012


  1. Very nice poem Carl. We all need to give thanks with a grateful heart to He who gave it all for us. May we be as filled with Him as we no doubt will be with the food we eat this day.

    We are especially grateful this year. We were told yesterday that the insulin pumps we want to get for our two youngest (Dylan and Kaycee) are on the way to us with the help of some financial assistance we qualified for. God is so good. Bless you both!

  2. Hi Doug,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm so happy to hear your children will be receiving the much needed medical device. So grateful fro the financial blessing you received.
    The poem was born out of our trip to Costco here in Kona. The place was packed and I was just amazed by the mass of human flesh moving in every direction. The sight and sounds of those shopping and the vocalizing of their thoughts. It was amazing! I'm sure at one time or another you have witness something similar.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Carl, so pleased to hear that strong voice for the Lord, especially with such thanksgiving. I love the insight and how you draw all of us in, keep up the great work! Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful upcoming Christmas season.